Surge Protection

When it comes to the source of a power surge there is no sure way to tell where they come from. Surge protection for your home is key. Let E.T. Mechanical help ensure that your equipment is protected properly.

Lighting is the most obvious source of a surge however it’s not the only cause. Cycling of heating/cooling systems, generators, motors and appliances can also produce damaging surges.

These units are weatherproof, have a green LED to indicate that surge protection is present and are great for applications such as air conditioning compressors, heat pump compressors, refrigeration compressors, pumps, motors and electro-mechanical devices.

surge protection


There are a few different options when looking into surge protection for your home. The first option is what is known as a “Unit Surge Protector” (pictured above). These units tie into a specific piece of equipment in your home such as a heat pump and protect it from harmful surges and are normally installed at the equipment or on the electrical disconnect box, they will only protect this one piece of equipment and do NOT protect the entire house. The second option is known as a “Whole Home Surge Protector” and as the name suggests it provides surge protection for the entire home and everything in it. The whole home unit is installed at the electrical panel.