Leaking Pipe Repair (Water or Gas)

When a leaking pipe is ignored it can cause thousands of dollars in water and mold damage. Addressing the symptoms of leaking pipes immediately will ensure that you handle the problem well before it becomes a significant repair bill.

5 Signs of a Leaking Pipe:

1. Ceiling stains.  Internal pipes carrying water can leave ceiling stains if they’re leaking . Water weakens beams over time, which eventually leads to sagging ceilings. If you spot brown, copper or dark stains (or even worse, a sagging ceiling) contact a plumber at E.T. Mechanical immediately.

2. Rusty pipes, fuse boxes or appliances. Discoloration, stains, dimpling and flaking are all signs that your pipes may be corroding. Clear indication of water damage is rust occurring around pipes.  If you notice your fuse box is starting to rust or collect moisture, that’s another big red flag that water is running free inside your walls.

Not all leaky pipes are visible where you can see. Even one small leak may be a sign that all of your other pipes need replacing. Instead of taking this task on by yourself, bring in the experts who will be able to spot and solve the problem.

3. Damaged flooring. Bathroom floors rarely suffer water damage unless there is a leak. However, if you notice your floor buckling, staining or cracking, hidden water may be the source.

Wet spots, spongy or soft flooring and loose tiles could all be signs of water damage. Whether the water came from a pipe underneath the floor or traveled there from another area, look into it as soon as possible before the current water damage becomes a bigger issue.

4. Paint or wallpaper discoloring. As moisture seeps into your walls, paint will start showing signs of damage. You may notice peeling, discoloration, blistering or even cracks and warping.

Since drywall and wood readily absorb moisture, water breaks down the fibers and causes them to feel spongy and soft. If you notice chalky textures, changing wall paint or signs of peeling, water damage is most likely the culprit.

5. Persistent odors. The most common odor associated with water damage is a musty, mildewy smell. While you may be able to detect the source of the scent, it’s not always obvious. A professional E.T. Mechanical  Plumber will be able to help spot the root of the problem and fix any water damage in your home.

While leaky pipes in your home may seem like easy fixes, they aren’t repairs that you’ll want to tackle alone. At the first sign of suspected water damage, always consult with a plumbing professional at E.T. Mechanical Ltd. to help determine the problem and clear your home of trouble.


For leaking pipes, call the plumbers at E.T. Mechanical Ltd. Our thorough inspections ensure that we find every leaking pipe in your building. With state-of-the-art plumbing equipment and a detailed approach, we can have all of your major leaks repaired after a single visit. With durable repairs and guaranteed parts and workmanship, our licensed plumbers are the solution your home and business needs.