In response to client requests, we are now carrying the most advanced indoor air quality solutions available today. Most home owners aren’t aware – new homes are extremely well insulated in comparison to older constructions. Unfortunately extra insulation usually means a lack of airflow! Because of this – your indoor air quality could be worse than ever!

Indoor air quality products not only protect you from the 3 major harmful elements found within our air, but they also keep your comfort systems clean. 1/20th of one inch of dust on the blower wheel and coil can lead up to an estimated 26% efficiency loss! Eliminating this dirt and grime build up means a healthier home and a longer life for the home comfort system.

All of our IAQ (indoor air quality) products come GUARANTEED for 1 year, if you don’t see the benefit for your home and your home comfort system - return them at no charge - risk free.

For more information on solutions for your home and to breathe easier when the power bill arrives, contact one of our knowledgeable team members at 444-HOME (4663)

Indoor Air Quality