Training Opportunities available at E.T. Mechanical through Guaranteed Tech Academy:



“We Guarantee Success to Students & Employers”

Our Mission is to deliver an effective training experience to our students by connecting them with real world training in the field. By connecting them with actual experienced technicians as well as custom built classroom training it will be easy for our techs to successfully complete the NB Apprentice 1 st block curriculum. The students are taught not only what they need to know for the trade experience, but also a large focus will be on customer service.

Our Guarantee to both students and employers says it all! Our graduating technicians will come out of our program ready to hit the ground running with more experience than the average apprentice will see over their entire five-year apprenticeship.

Employers are guaranteed success when they hire our students and will see the value in the quality they receive from Guaranteed Tech Academy’s field experienced graduates.

Training Programs

1 Year Program

– Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Pre-Employment

In this program students will be working for a 1 year period in the field with several different HVAC technicians, and will gain many different experiences in all aspects of the trade; including service, maintenance and installations.

They will also be in the classroom. Students will be educated on the Block 1 curriculum through both hands on and theory, presented by a fully licensed and experienced red seal refrigeration technician.

The groups will be small and the students will receive all the help they need to successfully pass the Block 1 government examination.

In both the field, and the classroom, the students will be trained on; customer satisfaction,
communication, time management, and how to set and achieve goals in both life and career.

On completion of this 1 year program, the student will be ready for success; learning all the crucial skills for success. Unlike any other training experience available in the province, they will have their first block certificate on successful completion of the government exam.

2 year program

– Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Pre-Employment
– Propane and Natural Gas – G2 certificate (pending hours)

In our 2 Year Program the students will get all of the training delivered in the 1 Year Program, plus double the field experience and will also have the opportunity to challenge the G2 Propane and Natural Gas technician exam. They will have most of the hours that they will need to become a fully certified G2 Technician.

Coming out of this 2 year program will give you the opportunity to earn guaranteed employment, and with 2 years of experience going into your career will make you a valuable asset to any employer.

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