Why is my Heat Pump Leaking?

When a heat pump is set to cooling mode, it pulls warm air from your home’s interior and sends it outdoors. Heat pumps operating in cooling mode also eliminate excess moisture in your home’s air. The evaporator coils acts as a means to send condensation down to the designated drain. In heating mode, condensation occurs along the outdoor unit.

Possible issues that can cause your heat pump to leak:

– Drain is Clogged: The drain is used for condensation, sending extra moisture outside of the home. If the drain pan becomes clogged with algae, random debris, or other obstructions it causes the drain pan to overflow, creating a puddle of water by your heat pump.

– Refrigerant Level is Low: Lack of refrigerant can affect the evaporator coil’s ability to absorb heat. So as condensation forms along the indoor evaporator coils it can freeze into ice. Ice prevents the transfer of heat and hinders your heat pump’s functionality. As the unit turns off, the ice will melt and create the water that you have identified as a leak.
If ice form on the outdoor condensing unit the defrost function will activate, transferring heat outdoors to melt the ice. The water will slowly drip downwards until it freezes again.

These are a few common issues that can cause your heat pump to leak. But until you call in a trained HVAC technician, it’s all just speculation! To diagnose and repair the issue at hand, contact E.T. Mechanical Ltd. to schedule service in your Fredericton, NB area home today.