What’s the whooshing sound coming from my ductwork?

In smaller houses where duct work that was used for an alternate form of heating is present, you may notice the increase in the air flow from your ducting. Heat pumps produce heat differently; they produce larger amounts of slightly warm air. Traditional means of heating such as wood, oil or electric produce large amounts of heat over a short period of time which gradually diffuses into the home. The heat produced by a heat pump will be much more even by its consistent process; this method helps eliminate hot or cold spots in the home and evenly heats the conditioned space. You will need to balance your system after each season of
operation. This is performed in the summer by closing registers in the cooler rooms downstairs, allowing cold air to reach the upper levels of a home. In the winter, closing registers in warmer rooms upstairs, allowing warm air to reach the lower levels of the home.