electric furnaceClean and 100% efficient, an electric furnace produces no soot or smoke. The blower motors in these units are specially mounted and balanced for optimal quiet operation; they are also designed for multi-position installation meaning they may be installed in a basement, closet or crawl space. The heating elements are activated using a PCB control board and are available in a wide range of capacity ranging from 10kW to 27kW. Fully compatible with Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Humidifiers and Air Cleaners, these systems are great for anyone who may want to add a heat pump at a later time.

Safety Features:

  • Each element is equipped with a high temperature limit switch that will prevent operation at unsafe air temperatures due to blocked or dirty filters
  • Magnetic circuit breakers cut-off power supply if any increase in current is detected to comply with CSA standards.
  • Thermostat “On” light assists in diagnosing and locating the source of any malfunction.
  • CSA approved for zero clearance against combustible materials with complete safety.